About the Artist

Aria Fawn is a self taught artist from Denver.

Fawn 1.png

Though born in the Otherworlds, she was mostly raised in Colorado.  Aside from a brief portion in a rainy Washington town as a squawking infant. Which remains mostly irrelevant.She began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon and has not stopped the madness since.

In her art, she likes to reflect the monsters she meetsthroughout the dayand their naturally unnatural habitats.   Swirling skies with beasts sprouting clockwork from their bodies, deer manifesting from trees and embryos floating within moons are just some of the common visuals found in her work which she often refers to as surrealist in nature.

In addition to the watercolour she generally paints in, she also enjoys a wide variety of other visual art forms including the hand binding of books and the weaving ofsmall creatures from yarn and wire known as ‘Yarnlings’

These and more can be viewed over various reaches of the internet under her art handle ShePaintsWithBlood on Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt,  and Tumblr.  Her work is currently on display at Valkarie Gallery.
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For custom work, email ShePaintsWithBlood@gmail.com

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