About the Artist

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Aria Fawn is a self taught artist working full time out of her home studio. Though born in the Otherworlds, she was mostly raised in Colorado where she still resides.

Her dark surrealism art is inspired by dreams, nature and nostalgia as well as all the furry, scaly and crawling beasts she lives with.

She is most fascinated by the beautiful and violent balance of wild things and the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Her work mainly features animals with whom she seeks to tell stories and offer an open discussion with her audience. Much her work, deals with emotional underlying subjects surrounding mental health and difficult life situations portrayed through fantasy with an aim to portray real and identifiable human emotion through animal fables and give viewers a sense of sanctuary.

Aside from nature and animals, music is perhaps one of the most immense influences on her work which has led to her working on a number of album covers for musicians, both American and overseas.

On the occasion she has not locked herself away to paint, she spends her time exploring the otherworldly planes of the earth with her Canine Familiar Shinigami, writing, sculpting and obsessing lovingly over dead things.

Her work can be viewed over various reaches of the internet under her art handle Aria Fawn on Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt,  and Tumblr.  Her work is currently on display at Valkarie Gallery.
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For questions and inquiries, email ShePaintsWithBlood@gmail.com

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